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The Society of Dyers and Colourists and AATCC own the publishing rights to the Colour Index™.

In order to maintain the relevance of the publicaiton the organisations work with a number of people from the industry who provide their expert opinion on the content and direction the Colour Index™ will develop. All these people are volunteers and each one must be thanked for their time as must their employers for allowing them the time to play such a vital role in the Colour Index™.

There are currently 2 technical boards responsible for the two specific areas of the Colour Index™

Part 1 covers pigments and solvent dyes, widely used in the paint, plastics, ink and other coloration industries.

Part 2 covers dye classes used in a very wide range of industries. The main dye classes are: acid, basic, direct, disperse, food, fluorescent brightener, mordant, reactive, sulphur and vat, plus several other classes of minor or historical importance.

Details of the members of these two boards are available and highlight the companies and organisaitons who take responsibility for the technical data included in the Colour Index™. Please look at the side bar navigation for more detail.

If you would like to be invovled in these boards please take the time to contact colour.index@sdc.org.uk