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Introduction of China Dyestuff Industry Association

China Dyestuff Industry Association (CDIA) is an organization approved and registered by Ministry of Civil Affairs. It is composed of enterprises and public institutions engaged in producing and researching dyestuff, organic pigments, dyeing and printing auxiliaries, intermediates and master batches. Approved in 1984 and established in 1985, CDIA secretariat locates in Beijing, with three branches including Master Batches Speciality Committee, Organic Pigments Speciality Committee and Textile Printing Auxiliaries Speciality Committee located in Beijing, Jiangsu Province and Shanghai respectively. CDIA has over 220 members up to date.


Unite all members, abide by the constitution, laws, regulations and state policies, observe social ethics, implement the national policies for developing dyestuff industry, safeguard member’s legitimate rights, serve members wholeheartedly, act as a bridge and bond between members and governments, members and markets and promote the sound development of dyestuff industry continuously.


Be involved in researching and formulating plan, policies, regulations and technical standards for industry development; Coordinate internal relations and vindicate fair competition; Collect and analyze the production and operation situation of the industry and provide information service; Develop technical consultation and professional training and improve industry personnel quality; Organize technical exchanges and exhibitions abroad and at home;Safeguard member’s legitimate rights; Publish official journal and maintain official website.


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