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This page is specifically designed for those companies wishing to register a product in the Colour Index™.

By visiting this page you will already know how important the Colour Index™ is for the coloration industry. The SDC rely on registrants to ensure the database content is factually correct. The SDC check each new registration closely and of course use the information you, as manufacturers submitting new registrations, provide to ensure correct information for those who subscribe. We are continually updating old information to ensure it remains correct and this ongoing task is a key priority for the SDC.

We ask you to take your time filling out these forms and making sure that you carefully read the notes and use the correct forms for the products you are registering. Please try to give us as much information as possible and that the fields marked with an asterisk* are filled in otherwise your registration will be delayed.

The forms are designed for companies registering either dyes or pigment and solvent dyes and you will find separate sections for each.