A new version of Colour Index is coming. Existing users can click here for early access!

User Subscription

If your organisation has an existing subscription please click the below button to register against their subscription. If you do not have an invite code you will need to input your oranisations name and wait for their administrator to authorise your request.


If you are a new or returning subscriber then follow the link to how to subscribe which leads you through the process and allows you to join online.

Annual Paid Subscription

Access to the Colour Index™ database is based on an annual subscription to the Colour Index™ Online and gives you full unlimited access to the Colour Index™ for 12 months. There are a number of options available which are highlighted below so please consider the options A and B carefully before filing out the subscription form.

Option A: Subject Coverage:

  • Are you interested in Pigments and Solvent Dyes only? If so, you need Part 1 of the Colour Index™
  • Are you interested in Dyes and Related Products only? If so, you need Part 2 of the Colour Index™
  • Are you interested in all classes of colorants (pigments and dyes)? If so you need the Full Edition (Parts 1 and 2) of the Colour Index™

Option B: Number of Users:

  • Select the number of user licences you need within your organisation.

University Licences

There are special arrangements available for University licences. Organisations that can prove that they are educational receive a discount  on both the set up costs and the licence fee as well as reduced costs for each user. Click on the How to Subscribe link and follow the procedure to find out the costs.

Standard Licence Agreement

All subscriptions taken are bound by our standard licence agreement. It is important that you read and understand this agreement before taking on a subscription. A copy of the standard license agreement is available.

Further details available in How to subscribe

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